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Contributing to the advancement of medical technology through craftsmanship

Medical technology is growing and advancing each day through the popularization of laparoscopic surgery and the remarkable progress of medical equipment.
Doctors and medical staff members are also sincerely engaging in the acquisition and training of new technologies during their limited time in order to absorb and utilize in the treatment of patients.
In sites where this sort of training is taking place, there arises many needs like”I wish this sort of training model existed” or “I wish I could have training more regularly”.
We respond to these needs through the technology and agility as a small factory.

We, KOTOBUKI Medical Inc. , aim to contribute to the improvement and growth of medical technologies around the world by developing surgery training products with new ways of thinking and providing products that respond to the needs of medical personnel at more affordable prices.

Our intention is to put continuous effort into realizing a brighter future for everybody, including people involved in medical care and people who are treated by medical care.


Company Profile

Kotobuki Medical Training Tools is the name of Kotobuki Giken’s medical training equipment brand.

Company Profile
Company Name KOTOBUKI Medical Inc.
Address 190-2 Ukizuka, Yashio-city, Saitama 3400835 Japan
Contact TEL +81 (0)48 951 5211 (English available)
Business Contents Development, manufacture and sale of medical equipment
RC tire development and manufacture
Metal ・ resin processing ・ assembly
Various automatic machines / Special machines mold design,design production




Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Chiba University  Kawahira Hiroshi, MD, PhD   Ryoichi Nakamura, MD, PhD / VTT Development cooperation

 /KOTOBUKI Medical Trainig Tools  Brand design&WEB design


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